Gold: 150 Lumber: 100 Stone: 100 Population: 5 Popularity: 50

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Buildings: 0/50

Gives you a steady input of lumber.

Gives you a steady input of stone.

Gives you living space for two people. Unhoused people may riot. You have:

Allows you to train people into troops. The more you have, the faster you train.

Increases your defensive power a little.

Increases your popularity a great deal.

Unassigned Troops: 0 Troops Defending: 0 Troops Ready to Attack: 0 Troops In Training: 0

Type in the number of troops to train or assign in the box, then click one of the three buttons above.

The lower the taxes, the happier your people... and vice versa.

Current tax rate: 5

The map below shows where you and your enemies are and their strength. By attacking, you damage a region's strength.
When a region's strength reaches 0, it is taken over!
Your strength can be damaged by your ememies' attacks, and rebellion.

Your browser does not support the canvas, so as such you cannot access the world map. Try upgrading your browser to see the world map.

Alliances serve as the other approach to DOMINATION. When you form an alliance, you give your new ally a gift of gold, and after that, you are able to share in their land and use it as if it was yours. Sometimes you may fail to form an alliance because you did not offer enough gold. Sometimes they will take the gold and run, sometimes you will succeed, and sometimes they will turn down your offer altogether.

Alliances also enable trading, a new feature that lets you exchange certain resources for others, including the rare resource Crystals, which are the only way to progress in the Laboratory.

Trading is a great method of getting resources you are short on. To begin trading, you must have an alliance. You can then buy a trading line to enable trading Lumber for Stone and vice-versa. After you buy a trading line, you can upgrade it up to 2 times. Level 2 allows you to trade gold for lumber or stone. Level 3 allows you to trade gold for Crystals, a rare resource used in the Laboratory.

Crystals: 0

The Laboratory lets you upgrade certain aspects of your empire. To start, you'll need crystals, which you can get by trading with your allies. Unlocking the Laboratory opens four research trees: Military, Governmental, Techs, and Buildings. You can upgrade things in these to unlock the next upgrade, and the boosts from that upgrade you bought. The Laboratory exclusively accepts Crystals as resources.

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